Nigel Morton Photography
Nigel Morton is a landscape photographer based in north London. His interest in photography began when he started shooting live bands in the mid 90's using an old Ricoh 35mm camera handed down to him from his father.

In 2004 Nigel began scuba diving, which lead to the purchase his first digital compact camera and underwater housing. Despite having plenty of opportunities to make photographs, he was frustrated by the results. Not enough time to spend diving, and too much time spent in sweaty venues getting knocked around in the 'mosh pit' left him looking for inspiration elsewhere. It was another two years, while on a walking holiday in the Scottish highlands, until he found the answer he was looking for. Standing on the summit of An Gearanach, a Munro that is part of the classic Ring of Steall route, beautiful crepuscular rays illuminated the landscape below. After making some pictures of the scene, Nigel returned home with what he thought could be some spectacular images. Sure enough a couple of them were good, but the rest were disappointing and destined for the trash.

It wasn't the successful images from that trip that lead him to become a landscape photographer. It was the failures, and the questions they raised: 'Why were they not as good as expected?' 'What could be done to improve them next time?'
The learning curve was very fast to begin with, but one that will never stop. His love for nature and the great outdoors increased with every trip made. He now dedicates most of his time creating beautiful landscape photographs.

Although the majority of Nigel's photography has been undertaken in the south east of England, he has travelled extensively throughout the UK, crafting scenic and intimate images of landscape and coastline.

In 2010, during a visit to Epping Forest to scout for locations closer to home, Nigel realised the huge potential for photographs there. Covering almost 6,000 acres, the forest is the largest public open space in the London area. Nigel is currently immersed in a long-term personal project photographing area.

If you would like to contact Nigel to ask him any questions, or enquire about purchasing prints, please use the contact form opposite.